Does Anyone Know of Any White Female Blues Singers?


Karma asked:

Singing has always been my passion, but until a little while ago, I never really knew what style was best for me. I realized that my voice is perfect for jazz/blues. Does anyone know any good female blues singers? Preferably white, because its a given that black women have those amazing voices that just scream blues!! lol, so if you can give me a few names I can draw some inspiration from, that would be great!!




Janis Joplin is the first one that comes to mind. She’s probably the best known white female blues singer of the late 2oth century.


Bonnie Raitt!


Angela Strehli
Lou Ann Barton
Marcia Ball
Joanna Connor


Joss Stone
Susan Tedeschi
Bonnie Raitt
Stevie Nicks
Sheryl Crow
Ana Popovic
Deanna Bogart
Joanna Connor
Sue Foley
Jo Ann Kelly
Debra Conway
Ella Hooper
Kate Miller-Heidke
Mia Dyson
Wendy Matthews
Missy Higgins
…and there’s probably others – in Australia, Britain and Canada….


Rory Block
Susan Tedeschi



Janiva Magness named 2007 Blues Music Award for Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year.


Barbara Carr.
She has a song called
“you gonna mess around and get bit by my dog trying to get to my cat”.
:) !!!!!!
I tell you, the girl has it going ONNNN!!!!


Hi,try listening to some of Eva Cassidy’s(RIP) music,she did some amazing covers with her beautiful voice,Fiona Boyes,(Australian)Kerrie Simpson(Australian)Lil’Fi(Australian)Renee Geyer(Australian)Cheryl Arena,(Harp and vocals),there are many more white female singers who have amazing voices.Try listening to some of Amy Winehouse’s songs there are some that are rather bluesy.Hope this helps.Have a good day.(Try Google.)


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